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May God be glorified!

Welcome to the Kingdom Software download site!  The programs available for download are Shareware.  There are no set fees required for registering the programs.  If you find any program useful, you only pay what you feel the program is worth.  If you honestly can't afford anything, use the programs with our blessing!  We just ask that you register the program, even if no money is sent.

General Program Information

All programs require Windows 95/98/ME/XP.  An uninstall program is provided for all programs.  Once you download the file, simply double click or run the file to install the program.

If you are having difficulties installing or using a program, or if you find a bug, please Email at

Kingdom Software Bible Memorize and Bible Word Search Game

Christian Computing Magazine's highest "5 Disk" review -- April 1998, pages 38 and 40.


MemorizeSmall.jpg (5444 bytes)    Click here for a game description and links to download the game.

Food Storage Spread Sheet

                                Click here for a description and links to download the spread sheet.

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